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Ethan Jordan

Play-by-Play Broadcaster

Marketing and Media Relations

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Imagine you're stuck in rush hour traffic. You look to your right, another similarly miserable motorist gives you a doleful shrug. Then you look to your left, and the guy in that car has a big smile on his face. He chuckles seemingly to himself one moment, then exclaims and pumps his fist the next. He's not stuck in traffic, or in his living room, or at work. He's at the ballpark, or the arena, or the gridiron.


That's the power of great play-by-play.


Hi, I'm Ethan Jordan, and I want to help your fans feel just like that guy! Welcome to my portfolio. Here, you'll find not only play-by-play samples but also my writing, dabblings in graphic design, and even my resume. Once you've finished looking (listening?) around, give me a shout by phone or email. I'd love to hear from you even if you're not hiring. 

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